Company Profile

Cloudifly International Company Limited is an institution focusing on serving the application for further education, from the selection of schools to the collation of information to the signing of the departure, Company provides each customer with the most intimate full service, so that students can get sufficient support and protection, so as to concentrate on preparing for the new life of further education.

Focus on further education services, deep ploughing large, medium and small applications, but not stop here, Company service business includes visa applications, travel insurance applications, off-campus dormitory applications, shuttle services, air tickets and hotel bookings and guardian service agency and many other content, think of what you think, solve your worries, is Cloudifly International Company Limited to resonate and expect.

The service area is distributed in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Japan and South Korea, providing application services for various schools. Services include detailed further education procedures, professional consultancy, application submission and assistance in enrollment, one-on-one intimate service, so that customers can enjoy the fun of further education without worry.


Corporate culture


Corporate values

◆ Good faith

With a sincere heart of service, treat all customers and cooperative schools.

◆ Liability

With a conscientious service attitude, follow up everything in detail.

◆ Innovation

With an innovative visionary concept, keep up with the times and update the service customers in a timely manner.


Corporate philosophy

Take responsibility and put service first. From the application form, the dormitories inside and outside the school, to the telecommunications card application. Company uses the most intimate service concept to take the docking opportunity with the school seriously, solve every detail of the customer's problems, so that the customer can successfully apply for the school and enroll with peace of mind.


Enterprise mission

Provide full-site professional services for each customer applying to a foreign school, select the most suitable institution according to the student's grade, and arrange for the student to complete all the required procedures in the center. After approval, contact the student to accept the degree and assist the student with the admission process. From the beginning of the further education service, until the landing is not over. With two pick-up arrangements, safe delivery of customers to the destination, intimate preparation of personal belongings and information required abroad, so that customer satisfaction is the biggest mission of Cloudifly International Company Limited .


Enterprise features

Gather outstanding talents from all over the world to build a professional management team. Cloudifly International Company Limited has team supervisors in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and China, providing customers with one-stop service, and foreign personnel are online at any time to ensure that they can deal with various emergencies of students in a timely manner. Because of focus, so professional. Service for further education applications, Company has been on the road, constantly innovating and improving, just to go out of the characteristics of Company and more carefully serve customers' dreams of further education.


Meet The Team

President and Chief Executive Officer

Li Kit Ying, Cheryl

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tsang Wai Yip, Andrew